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Real People Living Real Lives - That's what our homes are about. After all, it is our relationships that animate our furnishings. With that understanding and over 40 years in the industry, we've made a lot of friendships with our clients along the way. 

By relating to our clients in the way today's consumer thinks, wishes to shop, and desires to be treated, we create a design experience befitting such an emotional purchase as the creation of one's personal environment.

We understand that the home furnishings industry is experiencing a momentous shift toward the digital age, creating a glut of product. Consumers can quickly become overwhelmed with too many selections, too little assistance, and an ensuing inability to make a purchase decision.

Together with Hunter Douglas and Vestalia Home, our team bridges the gap between the digital marketplace and the lost consumer by empowering our clients to achieve professionally decorated results with pre-curated designs of high-end furnishings, not generally available in the mass marketplace. 

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